"Beauty With A Purpose". These oft repeated words sound cliched but actually define what good design and communication is all about. A marriage of aesthetics and strategic thought, that renders an impactful message in the form it takes. Bounce Communication & Design, established in 2001 offers a unique blend of cutting edge graphic design and brand strategy, designed to reach out to the target audience. We believe that every communication, be it a touch and feel product like packaging or a pure communication product like a print advertisement or a brochure, has a purpose, which has to be kept in mind while designing. The color palette, the font, the copy, the graphics, the production treatment - the entire canvas of design – all have to speak a common language. Good communication design is one that blends a pleasing visual identity with communication that leaves a subliminal impact on people. Bounce Communication & Design today engages with some of India’s largest business houses to carve out niche corporate identities and branding collaterals extending to brochures, websites, packaging, digital consumer connect and retail branding.